AntiVirus-Malware Protection

It is imperative that JHU computer users keep their systems secure when on any JHU network. The same can be said for those non-JHU computers that interact with JHU, for example personal computers that connect to JHU, perhaps either directly for email service or through the VPN for file sharing.
Windows systems today generally have Windows Defender built-in. Macs generally need anti-malware software installed for protection.
JHU provides software to protect against viruses/malware for both Windows and Macs.
Please see JHU IT's page on Endpoint Protection for more information and for downloads for those computers that are JHU-owned or JHU student-owned.
Linux users: Consider protection software for your Linux system, for example, Clam AV.
Mobile phone users, you are not immune to malware either. Please search the web for appropriate protection software for your device.