CS Provides Backup And Restore Services

Nightly Backups & File Restoration

The CS IT Support Group performs nightly tape- and disk- based backups of data on:
  • The /users filesystem (Grad/Research Net)
  • The /home filesystem (Ugrad Net)
We are able to restore many files for users as needed.

Self-Service File Recovery For Grad/Research Net and Ugrad Net Users

In addition to our tape & disk-based backups, we also perform special automatic online backups of the /users filesystem on the Grad/Research Net and on the /home filesystem on the Ugrad Net that allows Self-Service File Recovery in many cases, so you don't need to wait for us to do certain file restores.

Restoring CS Email Inboxes

Email folders are typically kept in the user's home directory, so they are treated just like any other folders to be restored. Email inboxes, however, are different, as they reside in a different location on our server.
In certain instances, we can restore CS e-mail inboxes that reside on our CS email servers back into the systems' /var/mail directories or into your home directory, as long as the inbox was backed up the evening before by our systems. Please email with details on what you need restored to your inbox. We typically do not restore individual message, but rather, whole inboxes.)

NOTE: We only handle file restore requests during the regular M-F 8:30 to 5pm work day.