JHBox Migration To JHOneDrive


JHU currently hosts a remote storage system called JHBox. However, JHU is moving to a different storage system called JHOneDrive (hosted by Microsoft.)
You can read about JHU's implementation of OneDrive.
And here's a handy JHU OneDrive FAQ.
A newer page regarding JHOneDrive can be found at: https://livejohnshopkins.sharepoint.com/sites/Office365Hub/SitePages/JHOneDrive.aspx
Any questions related to JHBox or to JHOneDrive should be directed to JHU's IT group by calling 410-516-HELP.
You may also contact WSE IT for Box help as well. Please email them at wsehelp@jhu.edu


JHU is migrating users from JHBox to JHOne Drive. They expect to be completed by January, 2020.
Please visit https://livejohnshopkins.sharepoint.com/sites/Office365Hub/BoxMigration for more details on the migration.
Additionally, here are some emails from JHU & WSE that discuss the migration:

November 14. 2019 email from the Office of the Dean of WSE...

You are getting this important notice because you are a user of the JHBox system. Box has chosen not to offer renewals on higher education contracts, so Hopkins must migrate off Box before the end of our contract in April 2020. Fortunately, we have a very good replacement available. Microsoft OneDrive offers similar features, with 5TB of storage for each user plus familiar Microsoft Office editing tools for collaboration.
When is the migration happening?
Phase One: Thursday, December 5, 2019 beginning at 10 p.m.
Your Box files and share permissions with other JHED users will be copied for you into a new OneDrive folder titled "BoxMigration" -- this avoids conflict with any existing content. Departmental / shared Box space will be moved on this date as well. In this phase, you can continue to make changes in your Box account.
NOTE: Files shared externally of Hopkins (to people without JHEDs) will be migrated, but those shares will not be recreated on OneDrive. A report is available of external collaborations so they can be re-created if still needed on OneDrive. It's linked to on the WSE IT website listed below.
NOTE: The migration process will not overwrite any existing JHOneDrive content. You do not need to move your own files.

Phase Two: Tuesday, December 12, 2019 beginning at 10 p.m.

Any updates to content or permissions since the start of Phase 1 will be re-applied in JHOneDrive. After the start of Phase Two, your Box files will be read-only -- all future changes should be made in OneDrive from this date on.

Your JHBox files will remain online through March for you to refer to, but you will not be able to make changes to files still on Box.
What should I do to prepare for migration?
* If you were a heavy user of JHBox, you should check the WSE IT website about the migration for more details about how some advanced features will or will not migrate across systems. This includes users who depend on the revisioning or commenting features inside of the Box site.
* If you shared files instead of folders in Box, those permissions will not carry over. See the WSE IT Box migration website for more information about how to get a list of those files.
* You can start getting comfortable with OneDrive in advance of the migration. Anything you work on now will not be overwritten by migrated files, so feel free to start using OneDrive. You can access it under MyJH / Cloud.

What else?
WSE IT is available to help. Read more details at WSE IT's Box migration site (https://wseit.engineering.jhu.edu/wse-info-for-box-to-onedrive-migration/).
Links to user reports about external collaborators are available from that site. You can contact us with questions at wsehelp@jhu.edu.

October 16, 2019 email from JHU...

"We continue to pilot and fine tune the migration process with the Microsoft FastTrack services. We will complete a few more pilots before announcing the migration plan for the remaining JHBox accounts, which we expect to complete by January 2020. On October 30, 2019, in preparation for the migration, storage will initially be set at zero MB for all new JHBox accounts to allow continued collaboration until all JHBox accounts have been migrated. Should new JHBox customers need storage prior to their migration to JHOneDrive, they may submit a Help Desk ticket to request an increase."

What will the user experience? (taken from JHU's email)

  • When a user logs into https://my.jh.edu and selects the JHBox quick link, they will be taken to a splash page informing them of their collaboration status and encouraged to begin using JHOneDrive. This splash page will also provide documentation about the JHBox to JHOneDrive migration.
  • If a user goes to JHBox directly and creates a new account, they will not see the splash page, but their accounts will still be created for collaboration purposes only.

JHOneDrive Training For Dec, Jan 2019/20

Please visit https://livejohnshopkins.sharepoint.com/sites/Office365Hub/SitePages/JHOneDrive-Training.aspx for upcoming training opportunities.