Running MATLAB in the CS Computing Labs

MATLAB is available on the Linux machines in both the MH 122 Ugrad Lab/Collaboration Room and the G61 Masters/Ugrad Lab.

While seated at one of the Linux machines in the CS Labs, open a terminal (shell) and run matlab &

MATLAB Personal Licenses

Students have been inquiring regarding licenses for MATLAB.

NOTE: The CS Dept's IT group does not provide personal licenses for MATLAB.

The Whiting School of Engineering (WSE) now provides licenses that can be used on JHU-owned or personal machines. Please see: NOTE: You must be on the JHU network or be connected via the JHU VPN to access that page. and you might be prompted to log in with your JHED ID to access that page.

If you have questions regarding obtaining personal MATLAB licenses, please contact WSE's IT at or JHU's software group at