Polycom - Testing The Polycom System

You can test out the Polycom system in a Malone Hall conference room by connecting to a JHU Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) that's set up as a "testing room".

To do so, connect the Polycom to the Johns Hopkins ISVC-Public Test Room:


Notes About Using The Polycom Test Room

  • Test room limitations and conditions of use:
  • This test room is for testing only and not intended for meeting use.
  • The test room is a common room and other users may be in the room when you connect.
  • The room has a 10 minute call end value that starts at the connection of the first user.
  • After the call ends you may start a new 10 minute session by calling back into the VMR.
  • A maximum of 4 devices may be connected to a session.