Screenlocking Policy in the CS Ugrad Labs and Masters Lab

(Redirected from Screenlocking Policy in the CS Ugrad Lab and Masters' Office)

To all CS Grad or Ugrad students who use either the MH-122 CS Ugrad Lab/Collaboration Room or the G-61 CS Master's Lab/Ugrad Lab Linux or Windows computers:

  • If you need to leave one of the Linux or Windows computers in those labs for more than one hour, you need to log out of it instead of screenlocking it, to allow others to use the machine.
  • An hour should give you plenty of time to use the restroom or pick up lunch, etc. Do not screenlock the computer if you have to go to a class that is more than an hour long. Please logout instead.
  • If we see that your machine is screenlocked (or if it is brought to our attention), and it has been more than an hour, we will have the option to unlock it and log you out (without notice), so that others can gain access to the computer.
  • If there is a specific program that you must run directly at the desktop (instead of ssh'ing in, etc.), and you need to absolutely lock the screen for more than an hour for this purpose, you should contact us ( ahead of time to make arrangements.

We are hoping not to have to impose an automatic unlock-and-logout software system on these machines, so, please help out your fellow students by only screenlocking your machine if you'll be away for less than an hour.