Sending Email through the Ugrad Network


CS offers CS Ugrad students a CS email address, however, you must connect to the JHU SMTP server to send your CS email. (For receiving CS email, the configuration is different.)

IMPORTANT! In order to access the JHU SMTP server to send CS email, you must be on the JHU VPN or be on a computer system with an internal JHU IP (and JHU wireless counts as an internal JHU IP as well.)

If you are on the VPN (or on a JHU internal IP), you should not be prompted for credentials when connecting to when sending CS Ugrad email.

Configuring Your Email Client For Sending Mail Through The Ugrad Net's SMTP Server

Configure the following if you're a CS Undergrad Student:

  • Server Name:
  • Port: Try setting your SMTP port to 587 to make the connection. If that doesn't work, please contact for further instructions.