Software Available From JHU

JHU's Software Catalog Services

JHU offers a variety of software to members of the JHU community for work and personal use. The available software includes productivity and antivirus, amongst others. There is a cost for some software, but there are no-cost software packages available from JHU as well.

Visit JHU's software page to explore what's available. (You'll need to authenticate with your JHED ID and password.)

WSE's Alternative To Searching The JHU Software Catalog.

The Whiting School of Engineering IT Group has indicated that finding software on JHU's site can be tricky. So, WSE has created a site to help find the software you're looking for:

From there, you can navigate to: for an easy-to-use catalog system to locate software available from JHU. You can search by manufacturer or by title. You can also search for software available from JHU for home, research, and student use. If you need assistance with WSE's Software Downloads site, please contact WSE's IT support at

Windows 10 Education Version OS Is Available To Students

JHU Students are entitled to one free copy of Windows 10 Education via the site.

If You Have Issues Obtaining Software From JHU

Please contact the JHU Software Group at