Trouble Logging In Using VS Code With Remote SSH Plugin

If you are trying to log in to our CS Linux systems and are having issues doing so and are using Visual Studio Code with the Remote SSH Plugin, you might need to change the remote.SSH.useFlock setting. We've seen problems in the past that may have been related to VS Code's file locking mechanisms.

To enable flock, you will need to do the following:

  1. Exit all of your VS Code sessions (close all your VS Code windows)
  2. Delete the .vscode-server directory in your grad or ugrad home directory. You can do that by SSHing to the Linux client you used with VS Code and running:
    rm -fr ~/.vscode-server
    If the directory doesn't exist, that's okay.
  3. In VS Code, go to your settings, find the Remote SSH section, and uncheck Use Flock.
  4. Try connecting to the CS Grad or Ugrad system again.

Still having issues? Please email