AirMedia For Presenting To Display Or Projector

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AirMedia is a system that allows users to wirelessly cast their laptop/phone/tablet screens to a conference room's displays. AirMedia is now built into some of our A/V conference rooms. Currently supported rooms include:

  • MH-107
  • MH-122 (CS Undergrad Lab.)
  • MH-228

Let's say you're in a meeting in MH-107 with your laptop. MH-107 has two side-by-side large TV monitor screens. You have a slide presentation that you want displayed on the screens. Simply activate AirMedia on laptop and you can cast to those screens.

Configuring & Running AirMedia in a Supported CS Conference/Meeting Room or the MH-122 Ugrad Lab

Please follow these steps to connect your laptop to the display screens in AirMedia-supported rooms:

  • Turn on the TVs/projector using the Crestron touch panel. (MH-228 has a wall panel with Projector On and Off buttons instead.)
  • On the Crestron's touch panel, choose AirMedia source. (Since MH-228 doesn't use a Crestron, screen should default to Air Media.)
  • The TV/projector will display some information on the bottom left corner.
Present Using Wireless
  Visit:http://<some IP address> 
  Code:<4 digit code>
  • On your laptop, in a web browser, enter the URL that is provided to you by the TV/projector.
  • Your browser will display a Download AirMedia Utility window.
  • Choose Client for Mac or Client for Windows, as appropriate.
  • Save and run the downloaded program.
  • A Crestron AirMedia interface will appear on your screen. (If you don't see it, it might be hidden behind existing windows.)
  • A second window, Enter the code for <IP address displayed on the TV/Projector> will appear.
  • In the "Enter the code" window, enter the 4-digit code found at the bottom left of the TV/Projector (same Code mentioned earlier) and click OK.
  • AirMedia will display your laptop's display on the TV/projector.
    • This includes sound, so make sure your laptop's audio is not too loud when connecting to AirMedia.
  • You can use the Crestron AirMedia interface on your laptop to control your connection.

Shutting Down Your AirMedia Connection

Once your presentation is completed...

  • Stop the connection using the Crestron AirMedia interface on your laptop.
  • At the Crestron tablet display at the front of the room, click Exit to begin shutting down the TV/Projector system. (In MH-228 press the Off button on the Projector wall plate.)


  • Only one device can be shared to the TVs/projector at a time.
  • A brief version of the above directions can be found in the rooms supporting AirMedia.