Malone Hall has advanced Audio-Visual (A/V) equipment installed throughout the building. Many rooms (offices & seminar/conference rooms, etc.) have TV monitors or projectors for displaying your content. One conference room, Malone Hall 107, is configured for presentations and video conferences using Skype and Zoom. Another conference room, Malone Hall 228 is configured for presentations. The Malone Hall 122 Ugrad Lab is configured with a projector for class presentations or small-group work for courses. This room also has 3 smaller breakout rooms, each with its own projector.

NOTE: CS IT does not administer or repair general A/V equipment or services within Malone Hall or for Hackerman B-17's lecture hall. However, we're presenting this category to you to provide you info on some of the above A/V services, including the who and what of our building's A/V.

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Additional Notes:

  • General Malone Hall A/V Support (including office and seminar/conference rooms) is provided by:
KIT-CATS (Krieger Information Technology - Classroom Audiovisual Technology Support):
410-516-6699 (calling will provide you faster service.)
  • If you are using one of the Malone Hall conference rooms (MH-107 or MH-228) and have an A/V issue, please contact Kit-cats directly by phone for quickest response.
NOTE: Kit-cats should not ask you for a charge number for servicing those specific rooms. If they do, please contact either: Erin Maher-Moran at x6-4733 (Multimedia Services Manager - KIT-CATS) or Mike Vanschoorisse at x6-0490 (IT Manager)
  • The MH-107 conference room has a PC that you can log into with your JHED ID. Once logged in, you can use Skype or Zoom. If you have any issues with this PC, please contact the WSE IT team at They are the only ones who administer this A/V PC.
  • For A/V issues in Malone Hall-based rooms not listed above (for example, your own CS/Malone Hall office or a CS Malone Hall meeting room not listed above), , you can contact Kit-cats directly.
  • One of the the CS Computing Labs, MH-122 (and its breakout rooms), has its own A/V setup. Issues with that equipment should be directed to CS IT Support at, and we will contact the appropriate group to correct the issue.
  • HDMI - Most of the display screens/projectors in Malone Hall support HDMI. The display device might already have an HDMI cable available, or you might be plugging your laptop into an HDMI port on the display. Therefore, please make sure your laptop is configured with a standard HDMI connection. You might need to get yourself an adapter to provide your laptop with standard HDMI. If the HDMI cable connected to the display is not functioning, the CS Office (MH-160) should have spares. CS IT does not provide video cables or adapters to users.

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