Malone Hall has advanced Audio-Visual (A/V) equipment installed throughout the building. Many rooms (offices & seminar/conference rooms, etc.) have TV monitors or projectors for displaying your content. One conference room, Malone Hall 107, is configured for presentations and video conferences using Skype and Zoom. Other conference rooms in Malone Hall have been reconfigured as Studio/Zoom rooms. The Malone Hall 122 Ugrad Lab is configured with a projector for class presentations or small-group work for courses. This room also has 3 smaller breakout rooms, each with its own projector.

NOTE: CS IT does not administer or repair general A/V equipment or services within Malone Hall or for Hackerman B-17's lecture hall.

For any A/V support for Malone Hall (or for Hackerman B-17, where CS held in-person seminars pre-pandemic), please see: Malone Hall Audio-Visual Support Options.

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