Malone Hall has advanced Audio-Visual (A/V) equipment installed throughout the building. Many rooms (offices & seminar/conference rooms, etc.) have TV monitors or projectors for displaying your content. Some seminar/conference rooms are configured for video conferences using Polycom Video Conferencing or Adobe Connect.

NOTE: CS IT does not administer or repair general A/V equipment or services within Malone Hall. (CS does act as an initial point of contact for some A/V issues. See further below...)

However, we're presenting this category to you to provide you info on some of the above A/V services, including the who and what of our building's A/V.

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Additional Notes:

  • General Malone Hall A/V Support (including office and seminar/conference rooms, but not Polycom or Adobe Connect issues) is provided by:
KIT-CATS (Krieger Information Technology - Classroom Audiovisual Technology Support):
  • If you are using one of the following Malone Hall conference rooms and have an A/V issue, please contact Kit-cats directly. These rooms are: 107, 122, 137, 228, and 328 (328 is no longer a CS conference room; it belongs to the Malone Center), and G33/35 for the HEMI and CS folks.
NOTE: Kit-cats should not ask you for a charge number for servicing those specific rooms. If they do, please contact either: Erin Maher-Moran at x6-4733 (Multimedia Services Manager - KIT-CATS) or Mike Vanschoorisse at x6-0490 (IT Manager)
  • For A/V issues in Malone Hall-based rooms not listed above (for example, your CS/Malone Hall office or a CS Malone Hall meeting room not listed above), if you are CS-affiliated, please email with a complete problem description. We will then pass your request over to Kit-cats who will handle the job from there.
  • One of the the CS Computing Labs, MH-122 (and its breakout rooms), has its own A/V setup. Issues with that equipment should be directed to CS IT Support at, and we will contact the appropriate group to correct the issue.
  • All A/V users, including those using Polycom Video Conferencing or Adobe Connect, please review the documents in this category, especially the document for using A/V (Audio-Visual) in the Malone Seminar & Conference Rooms That document includes info on general A/V support as well as video conferencing in the Malone Hall video seminar/conference rooms using Polycom and Adobe Connect, and provides more details on the A/V services available and who to call for what specific issues you may encounter.

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