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CS IT Staff members work a hybrid schedule, so some of the staff might be working remotely, while others will be on campus. And there might be a day a week, currently, where the CS IT team will all work remotely. We will continue to be available M-F, 8:30 to 5pm, but although we might be on campus, some of our services may only be provided via online means. Please see: Obtaining CS IT Services Remotely page for further information.

This category includes information and links to pages regarding the various IT support options available to people in the CS Dept.

CS IT Support

CS IT Support is the CS Dept's primary IT support group, and only for Malone Hall.

  • We are available 8:30am to 5pm. Monday - Friday, except university holidays.
  • We can be reached by emailing us at
  • You can find documentation on the IT services we provide at
  • A list of all the services and systems that CS IT Support provides can be found in our Scope of Services

Other Hopkins-based IT Support

For IT support needs that do not fall under CS IT's Scope of Services, there are alternative options as well, including...


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