Contacting JHU IT Support

While CS IT Support offers support for the the Computer Science Dept's IT-specific services, JHU IT offers their own IT support for services JHU IT provides to the University including:

  • Issues with your JHED ID account, including your JHED password.
  • JHU's email (Microsoft Echange)
  • JHU OneDrive
  • Certain Microsoft software products
  • ...and various other Enterprise services

JHU IT's main help website can be found at:

Open A Trouble Ticket With JHU IT

To open a trouble ticket to obtain support of services directly offered by JHU IT, you can reach them:

  • by calling them by phone at 410-516-HELP
    • It's the fastest way to reach JHU IT Support.
    • You will be provided a ticket number for your issue.