Zoom For Video Conferencing


Zoom is JHU's preferred web conferencing solution. For more information, visit their Help Center. Zoom replaces Adobe Connect at JHU.

Zoom Accounts

First, a word about Zoom accounts. A Zoom account is required to schedule/create a meeting. You do not need an account to be a meeting host or participant.
WSE Zoom accounts: allows you to create a meeting with no time limit and can accomodate up to 300 participants.
WSE Faculty and Staff: Visit https://wse.zoom.us/
(Remember, the login format is jhedID@jh.edu)
Students: Visit https://jhubluejays.zoom.us/

WSE and JHU Links About Using Zoom

You can use Zoom either via a web portal or via a Zoom client that you can download to your computer.
WSE Faculty/Staff: Please visit WSE's Zoom Info page at: https://wseit.engineering.jhu.edu/zoom-at-wse/
Students: Please visit: https://uis.jhu.edu/zoom/students/

Quick How-To For Zoom Client (Windows version) For CS Faculty/Staff

To make it easier to jump right into using Zoom, we have prepared the following How-To guide for CS Faculty/Staff. (Note, this is for CS/WSE Faculty/Staff accounts only. Students will need to visit https://uis.jhu.edu/zoom/students/ for Zoom use, as mentioned above.) Also, Linux and Mac users will need to download the Zoom client their own way, but using Zoom should be similar.
  • First, make sure you have a licensed Zoom account by visiting Visit https://wse.zoom.us/ and clicking SIGN IN
(NOTE: When this documentation was originally written, you had to have a Pro account made for you. It is possible that most accounts have already been made to use a Pro license, so the next few lines regarding a license might not be needed.)
    • Look for the User Type Licensed line.
      • If you have issues with your account, please send an email to wsehelp@jhu.edu explaining to them the issue.
      • Upon logging in for the first time, if it says you already have a Basic account, follow the instructions to convert your account a Pro account.
  • Sign out of that Zoom webpage by clicking SIGN OUT on the top right.
  • Install Zoom Client
  • Launch Zoom Client
  • At the Zoom "Sign In page", click on Sign In with SSO on the right side of the page.
    • This takes you to a "Sign In with SSO" window.
  • In the blank space, where it says Company Domain simply type wse
    • The rest of the domain, .zoom.us, is already filled out for you.
  • Click Continue
  • If you have already logged into my.jh.edu (or some other protected JHU webpage) on your computer, then you are now logged into Zoom, and you will be taken directly to the Zoom window. Otherwise, you will be prompted to log in at the Microsoft Azure JHU Login Screen (just like you would if you were logging into JHU secured web pages.) Once logged in, you will be taken to the Zoom Window.
  • Now you're in Zoom. You'll see the four options available. You will most likely be using the two top options: New Meeting or Join (for "Join a meeting.)
  • Ready to use Zoom!

While In The Zoom Client...

When you're in a Zoom conference, please remember that you can control whether your audio or video is on or off by two buttons on the bottom left of your Zoom window. You can mute or stop your video at anytime and restart them at anytime.


For Zoom-related issues, due to different kinds of Zoom accounts being maintained by different groups:
Faculty/Staff: Please contact WSE IT at wsehelp@jhu.edu
Students: Please contact the JHU IT Helpdesk by calling 410-516-HELP (for fastest service.) or visit https://itservices.johnshopkins.edu/