CS Database Class (315/415/615) MySQL Information

As part of the CS Database Class (for CS315, CS415, and/or CS615), your instructor might have you utilize a special MySQL server called dbase.cs.jhu.edu.

Note 1: This dbase.cs.jhu.edu MySQL server is for the Databases class only. It is not the same as the MySQL server available to the entire department (mysql.cs.jhu.edu).

Note 2 : You do not need a CS login account to access the MySQL service on dbase.cs.jhu.edu, nor can you ssh into dbase.cs.jhu.edu. Instead, you will need a MySQL account. Please see below for details.

Although the CS IT group maintains the physical dbase.cs.jhu.edu server and its operating system, the Databases course's Teaching Assistant (TA) maintains the MySQL accounts for dbase.cs.jhu.edu

Therefore, all MySQL account-related/access-related issues and questions for dbase.cs.jhu.edu should go to the TA or the CA for the course, as that's the person responsible for creating those MySQL accounts.


  • Your CS Linux account (Grad/Ugrad) is not the same as a CS MySQL-related account, even if the usernames are the same. Our Linux accounts and our MySQL accounts are two separate types of accounts.
  • You cannot ssh into dbase.cs.jhu.edu. The only way you can connect to dbase.cs.jhu.edu is remotely, via a MySQL client.
  • If you already have a CS login (ssh) account for any of our CS Department Linux clients, you can log into one of those Linux systems and use its text-based MySQL client by running mysql -h dbase.cs.jhu.edu -u account -p database , where "account" is your dbase.cs.jhu.edu account name and "database" is the name of your database. You will be prompted to enter your password.
  • If you do not have a CS login (ssh) account (you do not need one to access our MySQL service on dbase.cs.jhu.edu), you can access dbase.cs.jhu.edu with any MySQL client, either text-based or GUI, from any computer on the JHU network, JHU's wireless network (but not JHGuestnet), or VPN. Just use "dbase.cs.jhu.edu" as the hostname. If asked for a network port, use "3306". MySQL clients are available for Linux, Mac, and Windows systems.