Dept. MySQL Server

The CS Dept has a MySQL server available. Point your MySQL client to

You will need a CS MySQL account for access.

Note: The 315/415/615 Databases courses use a completely different MySQL server called If you are taking the Databases class, you will need to get account info and instructions from your TA.

Once you have your CS Department MySQL account, you can connect to the server with:

mysql -u your-mysql-username -p -h

You will be prompted for your MySQL password.

Changing Your MySQL Password

MySQL passwords are separate from the passwords for our Linux clients; changing your Linux password will not change your MySQL password (and vice versa).

To change your MySQL password, connect to with a MySQL client, and run the following command:

SET PASSWORD = PASSWORD('your-new-password');

Replace your-new-password with what you want your password to be.

Please be aware that many MySQL clients keep a record of SQL queries. You should clear that record to keep your MySQL password safe. On Linux systems, the command line MySQL client keeps its statement log in ~/.mysql_history; we recommend removing that file after changing your MySQL password. Other clients may store their history in other places.