Obtaining CS MySQL Accounts

This is for access to the department's general use MySQL server, mysql.cs.jhu.edu
NOTE: If you are a student of the CS-offered Database class, you will need to get a different MySQL account for the course database server (called dbase.cs.jhu.edu) from your TA.

CS Linux Account Required: Only those with CS Linux accounts will be able to apply for a MySQL account for our mysql.cs.jhu.edu server.

  • For MySQL-based access to our MySQL server, mysql.cs.jhu.edu, please fill out a MySQL Account Form which can be downloaded from the CS forms webpage
  • When your MySQL account is created (which will have the same username as your CS Linux account), a default database will be created for you, and that database name will be the same as your MySQL account name.
  • Later, if you need an additional database set up at some point for your MySQL account, send an email to support@cs.jhu.edu letting us know your MySQL username and the proposed name of your database.

Submitting the CS MySQL Form

Please scan the completed form into a pdf. Then, e-mail it to support@cs.jhu.edu
IMPORTANT! When you email the account form to us, please have the Subject Line include "CS MySQL Account Form" followed by your name
NOTE: If you don't have a scanner, you can always use an app like camscanner on Android and iPhone or Notes app on iPhone. And if those options do not work, then, snap a clear picture of the filled-out form and email it to us.
Please allow 2-3 business days for your MySQL form to be processed. Steve DeBlasio will then email you when your MySQL database is ready.
BE AWARE: If you are expecting e-mail from the CS IT Support team, and if you use Gmail, make sure you check your Gmail Junk folder. Gmail likes to file some e-mails from CS into Gmail Junk folders.

Once You Receive Your MySQL account

Once you receive your MySQL account, please return to Dept. MySQL Server for info on accessing the server.