Until further notice, the CS IT staff is handling most account-related issues remotely, via email or Zoom. So, please make sure you have Zoom installed on your computer or mobile device. And, plan to have your J-Card in-hand. (If no J-Card, you'll at least need a picture ID.) If you have any questions, please email
You will also see updated instructions for applying for a CS Linux account, including changes to the authorized signature requirements.

The CS Department hosts both Linux login and MySQL services for all CS-affiliated users. We also host SAMBA/SMB File Sharing services for CS faculty/staff/instructors/postdocs/grad students.

For all of these systems, you will need the appropriate user account. This category will provide you info on obtaining and maintaining CS-related accounts, account quotas (for Ugrad accounts), resetting your password, and other tips related to login, etc.

CS Linux accounts on our systems provide:

  • A Linux shell and disk space for course work and light research.


  • CS Accounts are not JHED Accounts: Our CS-related accounts are not associated with JHU's JHED accounts. They are very different. In some cases (especially with students), your CS account name might look the same as your JHED accountname, but again, they are not the same account. Mind you, some CS Dept. webpages might actually require you to log in with your JHED account. (If you're having an issue with your JHED account, please contact the JHU IT Helpdesk.)
  • CS Account Removal: CS accounts and associated email addresses generally remain active until you've left JHU or the CS Department. Once you've left JHU (or CS), your CS account/email address/etc. will be up for removal, per: CS Account Removal

Apply for a CS Linux account. (Includes info on obtaining & filling out the CS Account form.)


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