Category:Webpages and Webservices

The CS Department offers basic webpage services to those with CS Linux accounts.

This category provides documentation allowing you to create a webpage on our CS systems, as well as setting up CGI and PHP scripting. Other CS webpage-related services are covered here as well.


  • CS IT does not create or edit webpage content for users.

A Note About What Kinds Of Info Should Not Be Openly Available In Your CS Webpages

Because our CS website and the pages within are public-facing, please be aware of what kinds of information you provide in your CS webpages. Some info you might provide in your webpage could be considered more restricted, and therefore, should not be openly available to outside of JHU. Some info might be confidential. Some might be for internal-use only. So, again, please be aware of what info you make available to the outside world.
JHU has a policy restricting the kinds of data you can openly make available on a public-facing service, like our webserver. See: for details on the various data classifications.