Setting Up CGI Scripts on the CS Webservers

Running your CGI script

To run your cgi-script via a web browser, use the following format (replace "username" with your username and "" with your script name.)

(Note: Your cgi-script should reside in your public_html/cgi-bin directory.)

  • On the CS Grad Net:
  • On the CS Ugrad Net:

Creating Your First CGI Script

CS Faculty, Grad Students, Staff, Researchers and Post Docs: Log into one of the CS Grad Net Linux machines.

CS Ugrad Students: Log into one of the CS Ugrad Net Linux machines.

cd ~/public_html/cgi-bin

Create your CGI script in the cgi-bin directory.

chmod 704            # Replace the name "" with your script name.

Note: If you're not sure what your public_html/cgi-bin folder permissions need to be, please visit: File_Permissions_for_Webpages