Redirect Your Webpage To Another Website


You want to take your personal website on our server, for example:
your Grad/Research account's webpage:
your Ugrad account's web page:
and have all requests for your page redirected to another website, for example:

Method To Redirect Your Personal CS Webpage To A Different Site

Add a redirect line to the .htaccess file in your public_html directory on your Grad and/or Ugrad account, depending on which URL above you want to use. (Remember, if you have both a Grad and a Ugrad account, and you want to have the redirect work for both, you need to follow the following instructions for both accounts.)
IMPORTANT! There are some special lines of code already in the .htaccess file that make PHP work on our systems. Please do not erase that code from the file. Just add the following Redirect line.
The Redirect line to should look similar to this:
Redirect 307 /~mary
In the example above, anyone surfing to (Grad account) or to (Ugrad account) will get redirected to
You can change or remove the redirection at any time simply by editing the .htaccess file. However...


  • If you want to stop/remove the redirection you need to remove your Redirect line from the .htaccess file. Do not remove the other existing lines from the file.
  • Please do not delete the .htaccess file. If you do, you'll break PHP.