How To Reset Your Password

Resetting your CS Account Password

If you lose or forget your CS account info (username or password) for either our Linux machines, Windows machines, or our CS e-mail services, please visit:

Steve DeBlasio (User Accounts, Systems Administration)
Malone Hall G-61A
Office Hours: Most Weekdays, 12:30pm to 2:30pm.

(At the beginning of the school year, Steve may extend his office hours. If you see the lights on in Malone G-61A outside his usual office hours, just knock; Steve D might be there.)

NOTE: If you are unable to meet Steve D. during his office hours, then, e-mail, so that you can schedule to meet him another time.

Please make sure to bring your J-Card with you.

Resetting JHU Account (JHED) Passwords

Our CS-related accounts are not associated with JHU's JHED accounts. They are very different. Mind you, some CS Dept. webpages might require you to log in with your JHED account.

The CS IT Support Group does not administer any JHED accounts. For JHED Account password resets you should contact the JHU IT Helpdesk at 410-516-HELP, and they can assist you.