How To Reset Your Password

If you forget your CS Account Password

Due to the CS Dept now working remotely, when you email with your request for a new password (as we do not know what your old password is), Steve DeBlasio will contact you to schedule a Zoom meeting to provide you the password. You must have a J-Card or other picture ID available when you Zoom with Steve.

If You Know Your CS Password, But Just Want To Change It

Please see our page on Changing Passwords On The CS Linux Systems

Do Not Share Your CS Password!

Please don't share your CS account password with anyone. No one else ever needs to know your account password, not even CS IT Support. If you're requesting information about an account, you can just give the account name; that's enough for authorized people to look up information about the account. Sharing the password with other people is potentially a security risk.
Even if you think the person you're contacting is trustworthy, since they should never need your password, it's good practice to never send it (not even via email or text.) That makes it impossible to accidentally send it to the wrong person, among other things.

Resetting JHU Account (JHED) Passwords

Our CS-related accounts are not associated with JHU's JHED accounts. They are very different. Mind you, some CS Dept. webpages might require you to log in with your JHED account.
The CS IT Support Group does not administer any JHED accounts.
For JHED Account password resets you should contact the JHU IT Helpdesk.