The Computer Science Dept at JHU hosts its own CS email service (addresses of the form Having a CS Linux account provides you a CS email address. This category provides documentation on various aspects of our CS email service.

Note that JHU itself offers various types of its own email services as well, depending upon whether you're faculty, staff, students, etc. If you're interested in using JHU's mail services, visit which includes links to their various services including Outlook/Exchange and Outlook Web Access. If you have issues with JHU's own email services, please contact the JHU Help Desk by phone at 410-516-HELP

You can have a CS email address and a JHU email address at the same time. But, we recommend you forward whichever address you consider your secondary address to your primary address. (If your preferred email address is your own personal email address, you might want to forward your CS and/or JHU email addresses to that address.)

If you have questions/problems with CS's email service, and you've already looked through the Mail category of this CS IT Support Wiki, please email with as much info as you can to help us troubleshoot the problem.


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