Forwarding Mail


When you receive a CS Linux account, you're also receiving an email address in the form of
You might choose to automatically forward any email you receive at this CS address to some other preferred address (for example, to your address or to an address outside of JHU.) And we do allow you to configure your CS email to automatically forward, however...

Consider Not Forwarding Your CS Email To Outside of JHU

Both JHU and WSE IT have highly recommended you do not automatically forward your JHU-based email to outside of JHU. Please refer to WSE's article on redirecting email.
However, for some of you, this might not be feasible. At this time, CS email can be forwarded to both other JHU-based addresses or to sites outside of JHU.

Setting Up Forwarding For Your CS Address

  • In the top level of your home directory, create a .forward file (don't forget the "." ) using an editor.
  • Put your preferred email account address as the only line in the .forward file.
  • Save changes.
  • Run the following command:
chmod 644 .forward
(Again, don't forget the dot in .forward )
Now, incoming mail to your CS address should be forwarded to your preferred address.

Things to be Aware of

We have noticed that Gmail sometimes ignores email messages that have been forwarded back to the account that sent them. Most of the time this isn't usually a problem, but if you're forwarding to a Gmail account and you want to test the forwarding, you should not use the same Gmail account to send your test email. Test it with an email from another source, or have a friend send you an email.

When Your CS Account Is Removed...

IMPORTANT! When your affiliation with the CS department is complete and your CS account is removed (See: CS Account Removal), any email forwarding that you have configured will be removed.
CS is no longer be fowarding emails for those no longer currently affiliated with the CS department.