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CS Provides Mailing List Services

Click here for a list of various CS-related e-mail mailing lists. (You need to enter your JHED credentials to access this list.)
In May, 2014, we have moved away from Majordomo-based lists, and instead, are using a product called Mailman for new CS mailing lists. (Old Majordomo lists will continue as Majordomo for now.)
(NOTE: JHU also maintains their own mailing list system (Sympa) located at CS IT is not involved with that system. and our local CS mailing lists are not managed by that system.)

Creating a CS-Hosted Mailing List

If you are a CS faculty member or CS staff member (or CS student with approval from the student's instructor) and would like to request a CS-hosted mailing list, first, please review the Mailman at CS page as referenced in the Pages list below. Then, fill out our mailing list request form.

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