Seminars Mailing List - SEM

Accessing the CS Seminars Mailing List

The CS Department hosts a read-only Seminars Mailing list called open to JHU affiliates and to the interested public.

You can self-subscribe and self-unsubscribe to/from at any time... unless you are a current CS student (see below.)

Please visit: for more information and to subscribe or unsubscribe.

Current CS Students

If you are a current CS Grad or Ugrad student, then you should already be a member of one our main CS student mailing lists:


And, if that's the case, because those lists are already subscribed to the mailing list, that means you are already automatically subscribed to the mailing list.

As such, you cannot unsubscribe yourself from To be removed from, we would have to remove you from the department's student mailing lists. That isn't generally done until you've graduated (and those student lists above are maintained by specific CS office staff in the department.)

If you've already graduated from CS, you can email directly to have yourself removed from the list,