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CS Now Hosting VMs For Educational Use.

CS now has a Virtual Machine (VM) server for educational use and some light research. CS faculty, instructors, and students may request a VM be created for CS class use and CS-related school projects.

(NOTE: This VM server is not for production systems; it is only for systems described above.)

We can support both Linux and Windows-based VMs. (Windows-based VMs might require you to obtain a license for the Windows OS version you plan to install.)

IMPORTANT Guidelines/Policies for running a virtual machine on CS's VM server.

  • You will supply the CS staff with the OS disc (on CD or DVD) that you want installed. In certain instances, e.g. Linux distributions, there are some versions we already have available. We will discuss with you what we need you to provide.
  • You will have root/super user/admin access for your VM. We (the CS admins) will simply install the basic OS. We or both you and we will configure the networking on the VM. We will supply you with an account for admin access. You may create additional accounts as needed, however, we must retain a copy of the root/admin password for your VM.
  • You are responsible for providing and installing any additional OS patches or necessary software applications for your VM.
  • We do not do regular backups of VMs. (We generally create a baseline backup of our VMs and occasionally backup all VM images on the server.) You are responsible for backing up any system files or data created on your VM.
  • When your VM is no longer needed (per the length of time info you provide), we may remove the VM without additional notice.
  • You are responsible for any security issues that arise due to your VM. We have the right to shut down a VM that is causing any security issues. JHU has the right to close any network ports for the IP assigned to your VM.
  • Occasionally, we have to do maintenance on the VM server, and we try to notify all VM owners when the server must go down. However, running a VM on our VM server is at your own risk, and there might be times when there is unannounced unavailability of the VM server and its VMs.
  • You will be added to an email-based mailing list specifically for announcements regarding our VM server/services.
  • Not all VMs may be approved for installation.

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