Connecting to the CS Grad Nets

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Before continuing, please read Networking at CS - Overview to find out more about our network configurations. (We assume you've read that page before you continue to the next sections here.)

Connecting to the Private Grad Net with a Dynamic IP Address

If you just want to get on a network and use your computer and no one needs to connect to your computer from other places on the network, this is the simplest option for you.

  • Set your computer to use DHCP. (Most systems come with this setup by default.)
  • Plug your computer into a network jack on the private network. (This should be using an odd-numbered network jack.)
    • Depending on your operating system, you may have to reboot your computer at this point.
    • If there are no available odd-numbered network jacks in your area, email CS Support and tell us what network jacks you have available.
  • You now have a dynamically-assigned IP Address on the CS Private Grad/Research Net.

(NOTE: Sometime in the future, we will be using a different method for providing a dynamically-assigned IP, but for now, the procedure above works.)

Connecting to the Private Grad Net with a Static IP Address

Connecting to the Public Grad Net with a Static IP Address

Note: Only approved static IP addresses may be used on the Public CS Grad/Research Net. There is no dynamic IP address service available on this network.