Requesting a Static IP Address on the CS Network

Before continuing, please read Networking at CS - Overview to find out more about our network configurations before continuing. (We assume you've read that page before you continue to the next sections here.)

This page deals only with the process needed to obtain a static IP address on the CS networks. At this time, static IP addresses are only granted on the CS Grad/Research Nets.


  • If you're connecting to the CS Grad nets but do not need a static IP address, you may follow the simpler instructions for dynamic IP addresses at Connecting to the CS Grad Nets.
  • A static IP address requires approval from a member of the CS faculty. Please make sure you obtain approval before sending your request. (See below for info on requesting a static IP address.)

Decisions, decisions...

You will need to decide a couple of things about your future static IP address.

  • First, you must decide whether it will be on the public or private grad net. The differences are detailed in our Networking overview, but the most significant one is that private IP addresses can only be contacted from within the Hopkins network or VPN. And, please keep in mind that public IP addresses are accessible from the Internet, but you are now vulnerable to unauthorized access attempts. Again, please review the Networking overview.
  • Second, you must decide how you will configure your system to use its new IP address, whether you will use DHCP to automatically receive your network configuration or whether you will manually enter all of the information yourself. We recommend using DHCP whenever possible because it reduces the amount of work you have to do and means that you'll automatically receive any network configuration changes as soon as we make them. (Your home Internet connection probably uses DHCP for its network configuration.)

Requesting the Static IP Address

  • We will contact the CS faculty member you list on the form to verify we can provide you a static IP address.
  • Once approved, we will email you with IP address information.