Dell dbutil 2 3.sys Driver Vulnerabilty


We have been informed of a security vulnerability dealing with a Dell driver called dbutil_2.3.sys which affects many Dell systems.

You can read more about the vulnerability here:

That vulnerability needs to be removed. To do so requires a driver update. It's one you should be able to do yourselves.

Installing The Update

Obtain the Patch File

We have found that for many recent Dell systems (laptops, desktops), there is one specific downloaded file from Dell (a patch file) that needs to be run. But, in some instances, the specific file you'll need is dependant upon your system's Service Tag Number. So, try the file we provide in METHOD 1 first, and if that doesn't work, try METHOD 2.

METHOD 1 - Obtain The Dell Patch File From Us - Try This First

Download: Dell-Security-Advisory-Update-DSA-2021-088_6DRP5_WIN_1.0.0_A01.EXE

Then, proceed to: Run The Security Update to complete the installation.

If that fails, then the file might not have been the right one for your system. in that case. visit METHOD 2, directly below.

METHOD 2 - Obtain The Patch File Yourself If METHOD 1 Fails

Identify Your Dell Service Tag
Easy Method

Before you can install the update, you first need your Dell Service Tag. The Dell Service Tag # can generally be found on a sticker somewhere on your Dell laptop (usually on the underside) or desktop (usually on the back.)

More Involved Method

If you are unable to locate the sticker with the Service Tag # on your laptop, you can try the following method. However, this method might not work on all Dell laptops/desktops:

  • Find the search bar on the bottom left of your Windows screen.
  • Type in: cmd and hit Enter.
Up pops the Command Prompt window.
  • Type in: wmic bios get serialnumber and hit Enter.
If all works as it should, now you have your Dell Service Tag #
  • Make note of the Service Tag, as you'll need it in the next steps...
  • Visit the following URL in your browser.:
  • Once on that page, on the right of the page, click the box that says Enter Details
  • When the box opens asking for your Service Tag, enter the Service Tag # you located earlier.
After you enter the Service Tag number, you should be taken to a page where, scrolling down, you will see a section indicating it's for Download.Dell-Security-Advisory-Update-DSA-2021-088_6DRPP5_Win_1.0.0_A01.EXE'(or something close to that, depending upon your system) as well as a blue Download box.
  • Click the blue Download box.
  • Accept the download

Run The Security Update

Step by step...

  • Run the program you downloaded from us or from Dell depending on your download method above.
  • When the program runs, you'll see that it comes from Dell, Inc.
  • Choose Yes to allow the app to make changes to your computer.
A Dell Update Package window will pop up with options to Install or Extract.
  • Choose Install
Another window should pop up indicating it is the DBUtilRemovalTool.
  • Click "y" to continue running that tool.
That window will now indicate that it will search for DBUtil_2_3.sys files(s)
After some additional time, the same window will then indicate that it will be deleting the DBUtil from a location.
  • Click "y" to continue.
At this point, the program will finish by deleting the DBUtil file if it exists and may indicate that the driver was not found installed on your system.
  • At the prompt, press Enter to exit.
Finally, a Dell Update Package will appear indicating the update installer was successful.
  • You may now click the blue Close button.

The operation is complete.