If You Receive Spam

Spam is unsolicited mail. It be in the form of...
  • Commercial (and sometimes, non-commercial) email that you did not request

If you receive Spam at Your CS (@cs.jhu.edu) Account on a regular basis

Please visit our category on CS Spam Filtering At CS.

If You Receive Spam Messages At Your (Non-CS) @jhu.edu Account

If you receive email directly at your JHU acct, i.e., your @jhu.edu email address (without it being first forwarded from your CS account to your JHU account), what should you do?
In this case, since you're dealing with JHU's mail service, not the CS mail service, you should read the How-to page in reporting spam to JHU Pay special attention on the process to report the spam. JHU will want you to provide the full header information, and they provide examples of how to do so by sending the spam email as an attachment to JHU.
If you have any questions regarding spam received at your @jhu.edu account, please contact spam@jhu.edu