JHU IT Security

JHU has an IT group that oversees computer security for the university. This page provides links to important resources relevant for maintaining a safe computing environment at JHU, including official policies and available online IT security courses.

JHU IT's Website

You can reach JHU IT by visiting: https://it.johnshopkins.edu

JHU IT Security Policies

JHU has established various policies to ensure acceptable use and security of computing resources within the University. Please visit https://it.johnshopkins.edu/policies for a complete list of these policies. However, we will highlight a few that you should be familiar with.

General JHU IT Use and Security Policies

Acceptable Use and Security of Johns Hopkins Information Technology Resources

Protecting Sensitive Information

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) includes birthdates, social security numbers, financial information, plus more.
JHU has its own policies regarding protecting, storing, and transferring PII. Please visit: JHU's Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Policy

WSE IT's Security Update, 2021

WSE IT's Director has put together a slideshow presentation discussing various aspects of IT Security at JHU. Among the various topics, it references Personally Identifiable Information, varying IT-related threats to watch out for, IT security breaches, and more. Please take a moment and check out the slideshow in PDF format.

JHU-Provided IT Security Online Courses

NOTE: The following courses are part of the JHU Learnshare system, and therefore, you must be on the JHU VPN or directly on a JHU network in order to access these courses.
Course: JHU Electronic Information Security and Data Management
Highly Recommended! A short online course discussing JHU's policies regarding the protection/storage/transfer of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), reporting related IT security issues, protecting yourself from email Phishing, and other JHU IT Security policies. Well worth the 30 minutes allotted. (During the course, it is advantageous to click on the various subsections to learn more, e.g., the sections including: Click this book for JH IT rules. Very quick reads, and very informative.)
Course: IT Security for End Users: IT Security Fundamentals
Learn fundamental security concepts as an end user, including general security policies. Course should take less than an hour to complete. Although this course is a bit dated, the general guidelines might be useful. NOTE: There is a section in this course regarding good password-creation practice. Guidelines for passwords have improved since the time of this course. So, for more current info on creating good passwords, we recommend reviewing our CS IT Support Wiki page on Password Requirements