Creating a Personal Webpage

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CS users may create webpages on our or web servers.


  • To make a webpage on our web servers, you must have a CS Linux account.
    • CS Grad Net account required for the main CS webserver.
    • CS Ugrad Net account required for the Ugrad webserver.
  • CS IT does not create or edit web page content for users.

Accessing Your Webpage

NOTE: Where you see "account", replace that with your CS account name.

  • On the CS Grad/Research net, use or
  • On the CS Ugrad net, use or

Making a Basic Homepage

ssh into one of our Linux clients.

chmod 0701 ~                  # That's a tilde at the end of the command.
mkdir ~/public_html           # This directory might already exist.  If so, do not delete its contents.
chmod 0701 ~/public_html
cd ~/public_html

Edit index.html with your favorite editor. Follow the template below for your index.html file:

        <title> Title of my webpage </title>
        <h1> Title of my webpage </h1>
        <p> This is a test! </p>

Save and exit from your editor.

chmod 0604 index.html

Now check your work. Visit your webpage as described in Accessing your webpage, above.

If you add more pages, please make sure they all have the appropriate permissions, as described in File Permissions for Webpages. That link is a useful resource any time you get a "permission denied" error when trying to access your webpage.

Other Issues

If you need additional help, please e-mail CS IT Support with a complete description of your problem.