Recycling Computers and Electronics

JHU's Electronics Recycling Service

JHU provides recycling services for electronics (computers, etc.) You can read an FAQ about these services at:

You'll want to search for the section on: What electronic waste should I recycle and how? You'll see they discuss where to drop off electronics for recycling and how to have JHU

JHU's page on general recycling services can be found at:

Notes About Recycling Computers that have hard drives/SSDs

When recycling a computer (or disposing of one), we highly recommend the following in regards to hard drives or SSDs.

  • Make sure you clear off your hard drive before you get rid of your computer. You might want to reformat it, but use some kind of tool that ensures your data will not be extractable from the hard drive.
  • You might want to remove the hard drive before you get rid of your computer. Of course, first format and erase the data any way you can. Then, plan to have your hard drive disposed of securely. You might want to degauss your hard drive and even have your hard drive shredded. The JHU Recycling group might be able to help you with that.
  • Or simply pull the hard drive off the computer and save the hard drive for long-term storage.