Secure Printing to the Department Copier

The CS Department copier (one of the department's Available Printers) supports a feature it calls "secure printing". This means that when you print a document to the copier you can attach a PIN to the print job. The copier will hold on to the job until you enter your PIN on its keypad, at which point it will print it out. This can ensure that no one but you will see your printout.

At this time, secure printing is only supported when using Canon's official drivers. The CS Linux Clients do not currently have the official driver installed, for various technical reasons, so they do not support secure printing. However, your own Linux client may be capable of utilizing the official Canon driver.

How to Install the Canon Driver

The Canon driver must be installed and appropriately configured before the secure printing option will be available.

For Windows and OSX

The copier is a Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C7270. Make sure you use a driver for that exact model. Drivers for other printer models may have secure printing options, but if you use a different driver the copier will not recognize the request and will print your job without waiting for a PIN.

Go to Canon's website and find the drivers page for the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C7270. As of March 2015, this link is the correct page, but companies periodically rearrange their websites, so we can't guarantee that link will remain correct.

Open the "Drivers" section and download a driver for the copier. If you're not sure which one to pick, we suggest the PCL6 driver; it's worked reasonably well for us.

Install the driver.

For Linux

The Linux drivers for Canon products are managed by a third-party company named Codehost, with software named BrightQ. Click here to download the BrightQ installer. (You can also get the software from, but they require a lot of registration information to get the installer. We've already provided that information on behalf of the CS Department.)

Run the installer with /bin/sh:


How to Configure the Canon Driver

The driver installation will allow you to set up a printer. Use the hostname for the copier. The driver should automatically identify it as an imageRUNNER ADVANCE C7270.

In the printer properties, which you might need to access after the printer has been set up, find the setting that refers to secure printing and enable it. On Windows, the setting is "Secured Print" and it's on the "Device Settings" tab. On Linux, the setting is "Secure Printing Function of Device" and it's on the "Properties" tab in the BrightQ printer configuration program.

How to Use Secure Print

These instructions should work in OSX, though they have not yet been tested there. They might not work on Linux, depending on the options chosen during driver installation.

Go to print your document in a way that allows you to select the printer. This usually means selecting "Print..." from the "File" menu; most programs' quick-print icon will not work, unless you've set your driver to always use secure printing. Select the copier and open the printer preferences dialog box.

On the "Basic Settings" tab, find the drop-down menu labeled "Output Method". Change its value to "Secured Print". If this is the first time you've done this, you will be prompted to enter your default name and PIN. The name you enter here is what will show up on the copier to identify your print jobs. (You will be reprompted for this information every time you print; what you're setting here are just the default values.) Once you're back at the printing preferences window, click "OK".

Click the "Print" button. A dialog box will come up and allow you to change the document name, your displayed name, and your PIN if you want. Your name and the document name will be displayed on the copier for anyone to see; you should change them if the default values would reveal sensitive information. Any changes in this dialog will only apply to this print job; the next time you print, everything will be back to default values. Once you're satisfied (or if you just want to accept the defaults), click the "OK" button.

When you go to the copier, from its main menu, press the "Secure Print" item. Select your print job from the list, press the "Secure Print" button on the screen, and then enter your PIN on the numeric keypad.

Any secure print jobs that sit for longer than twelve hours will be automatically deleted from the copier, so don't forget to go pick up your printouts!