The CS IT group provides and manages printers located on each floor of Malone Hall, including a copier.

The links in this category provide info on available printers, as well as printing and troubleshooting tips.

But first...


NOTE: The CS IT Support group does not configure user-owned or research labs-owned computers to print to our printers.

Also, the CS IT Support group is currently not working on campus, so fixing issues with the printers and toner changing needs will be delayed.

  • Available CS Printers - Our CS IT-managed printers are currently available for anyone to print to from your own system on the CS and various JHU networks.
  • The CS IT Support Group will change toner in the CS IT-managed printers when necessary. If you see a message about low toner on one our printers (other than the copier in the CS Admin Office, Malone 154) or see that the print has become very light, please email and let us know which printer (or its location if you don't know the printer name) needs the toner changed. UPDATE: The CS IT staff is currently not working on campus, so toner changes may be delayed. But, please continue to email us if you notice a CS IT-managed printer is in need of toner.
  • The CS IT group does not supply or change paper in the printers we manage. Users can obtain paper from the CS Admin Office, Malone 160. UPDATE: At this time, we do not have personnel in the the CS office, so you might need to acquire laser printer (similar to copier paper) from another source.
  • For toner/paper/etc. issues with the copier in MH 154 area, please check with someone in the CS Admin Office, MH 160. (At this time, we do not have personnel in the CS office on a regular basis.)
  • Our CS Grad and Ugrad Teaching Computer Labs' Linux systems are configured to print to the printer residing in each lab. (At this time, the CS Labs are not open, so you will need to locate an alternate source for printing.)
  • Please refrain from printing large documents such as books on our CS IT-managed printers. Printing out book-sized documents puts a large load on printing resources. Please print out only what you need.
  • Please pick up your printouts immediately after printing. Do not leave your printouts at the printer.

Note to Mac Users

Modern Windows systems seem to set up connections to our printers fairly easily. However, Macs can be somewhat tricky when configuring printers. One thing you should keep in mind when configuring one of our networked printers on your Mac is to choose to install an IP printer, put in the IP address or full hostname (with the part) for the Address field. For the Protocol field, choose Line Printer Daemon -LPD. (That Protocol field is usually the part that most Mac users do not set, and that needs to be set to print properly to our printers, in our experience.) You can keep the Queue field blank. That should be all you need.