The CS IT group provides and manages printers located on each floor of Malone Hall, including a copier.

The links in this category provide info on available printers, as well as printing and troubleshooting tips.

But first...


  • Our CS IT-managed printers are currently available for anyone to print to from your own system on the CS and various JHU networks. However, the CS IT group does not configure user-owned or research labs-owned computers to print to our printers.
  • The CS IT Support Group will change toner in the CS IT-managed printers when necessary. If you see a message about low toner on one our printers (other than the copier in MH 154) or see that the print has become very light, please email
  • The CS IT group does not supply or change paper in the printers we manage. Users can obtain paper from the CS Admin Office, Malone 160.
  • For toner/paper/etc. issues with the copier in MH 154 area, please check with someone in MH 160.
  • Our CS Grad and Ugrad Teaching Computer Labs' Linux systems are configured to print to the printer residing in each lab.
  • Please refrain from printing large documents such as books on our CS IT-managed printers. Printing out book-sized documents puts a large load on printing resources. Please print out only what you need.
  • Please pick up your printouts immediately after printing. Do not leave your printouts at the printer.