Obtaining CS Computer Accounts

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Beginning March 18, 2020, and until further notice, the CS IT Support Staff will not be available in-person to process account forms. Instead, we will process the account forms remotely. We have modified this page to reflect changes in the the way you will fill out and provide us the account form (including changes in how we're handling obtaining authorized signatures.) If you have any questions, please email support@cs.jhu.edu

A CS Linux account provides:

  • A Linux shell and disk space for course work and light research.


  • A CS Linux account is not related to a JHED account. (JHED accounts are part of JHU's own accounts system.)

Below, you'll see the process to obtain a CS Linux account for access to the Computers Available on the CS Network.

Obtaining The CS Account Form

You can download a copy of the CS Linux/Windows Account Form from our Forms page.

Once you've downloaded it, come back to this page for further instructions.

Filling Out The CS Account Form

Please print and fill out the form COMPLETELY, and sign both sides of the form.

(Some of you might edit the PDF directly, but you still need to sign both sides of the form before submitting the form.)

You then need to obtain any authorized signatures. (Please see our updates to obtaining signatures in that section below, due to most of CS working remotely, as of March 18, 2020.)

Additionally, make sure you list your JHU-assigned e-mail address on the account form. Many of our CS mailing lists use that address.

There is a section there for Permanent (non-JHU/non-CS) Email Address. We encourage you to forward your CS account (and perhaps your @jhu.edu account) to your Permanent e-mail address. Conversely, if you decide that your CS address (@cs.jhu.edu) or your @jhu.edu address should become your preferred address, then, forward your other addresses to it.

Under “Local Address”, please list your local resident street address while attending (or working at) JHU.

Indicating Your JHU Affiliation Type

The CS Account form requires you to choose your JHU affiliation.

Grad Student, Faculty/Instructor, Staff, Researchers, or Postdoc CS Computer Accounts
On the CS Linux/Windows Account Form, if you're a CS grad student or CS faculty/instructor, staff, researcher or postdoc, please make sure you've checked off that you want a Linux Grad account, which will supply you with your CS e-mail address and an account to access the Grad/Research Net Linux computers that are supported by CS IT (including the Linux computers in the Master's Lab/Office).
As a CS Grad student or CS faculty member (or instructor), you are entitled to a Undergrad (Ugrad Net Linux computers) account as well, especially if you are teaching or TA'ing a CS Undergrad Course. So you might also want to check off Ugrad Linux. Grad students will probably need a Ugrad account sooner or later. Please remember, though, your CS Grad/Research Net account is your primary account (email, webpage, etc.) And, the Undergrad Net machines are subject to disk quotas.
If you already have a Grad/Research Linux account, and then later, need a Ugrad Linux or Windows account, or both) please fill out the form again indicating which other accounts you need, You'll fill in your current username after the "Already have a CS acct..." line on the form. (It might be helpful to write something along the top of the form indicating "Requesting an additional account.")
CS Grad students (PhD and Masters) should also indicate their expected graduation year on the form next to their student affiliation.
CS Staff members: In addition to checking off the Linux box you should also check off the Windows box at the top.
CS Undergrad/CS Minor Student Accounts
If you are a CS Undergraduate studentor CS Minor student, you will need a CS Undergrad Account to access the Undergrad Net Linux computers. (During CS Freshman orientation, you might have already filled out a special Freshman account form we prepared for that day.)

CS Undergrad/Minor students should also indicate their expected graduation year on the form next to their student affiliation.

Note: CS Linux machines have disk quotas. Please remove files you no longer need on your account after you are finished with them.
Class Accounts
If you are provided a class account by your instructor, or if you apply for one yourself, please note that class accounts are up for removal after the semester is complete.
Concurrent Students
If you start as a CS Concurrent Student (grad/ugrad at the same time) or if you were already a CS Ugrad student with a CS Ugrad account and become a Grad student, please make arrangements with CS IT Support to obtain a CS Grad/Research Net Linux account, if you'd like. However, if you do get a CS Grad/Research Net Linux account, your CS Ugrad Net e-mail will no longer be in service (although, you will have access to your old e-mail). You would now have CS Grad/Research Net mail. Your CS Ugrad account, however, will remain while you have a Grad account, until you graduate.
If you're not sure you fit into one of the listed categories on the form, for example "research scientist", please choose "Other" and specify your position within JHU, and a reason you need the account, if applicable. You will still need to get an authorized signature on your form.

Choosing your CS Account Username

NOTE: We do not change CS usernames/accounts once created.
CS Faculty, Instructors, Staff, PhD students, Post Docs, Researchers, and some others: You can generally request your own username. You should request up to three possible usernames, and we will use what we can, depending upon what's available. You can also choose to use your JHED ID as a CS username if you'd like.
CS Ugrad & Masters Students: A CS username will be assigned to you, based upon your current JHED ID.
Non-CS students taking a CS Course: We will assign you a special course-based username for your CS course account. That course account will only be valid the semester the course is taught and will be removed upon course completion.
Others: When in doubt, your can choose to request us to use your JHED ID username as your CS username too.


We require at least two and up to three signatures on each account form.

  • You will sign the front of the form and read and sign the back of the form.
  • Several of you will also need to obtain an authorized signature as appropriate (and as described on the form.) But, read below for changes in this policy.

UPDATE: Due to work-from-home changes, and since all operations and CS faculty and staff are working remotely as of March 18, 2020, for the required signatures you see listed below, in many cases, instead of you obtaining the authorized signatures on the form, we will take care of that for you. (All you need to do is fill out the form, make sure you sign both sides, and then submit the form to us.) Please read below for details.

  • CS Grad students: You do not need an authorized signature. We will obtain any approvals for your account. Just make sure you sign the front and back in the appropriate spots.
  • CS Undergrads/CS Minors: You do not need an authorized signature. We will obtain any approvals for your account. Just make sure you sign the front and back in the appropriate spots.
  • Non-CS student taking a CS class: Please have your CS professor sign the form. Your account will last for the semester. As of 3/18/20, we will obtain this approval for you. NOTE: Under the Non-CS Student section, if you're taking a CS course and you list your Course name and #, in that same section, please also list your CS professor's name as well. This will speed up processing.
  • New CS faculty/instructors/staff: Please get Laura Graham or the CS Dept. Chair to sign your account form. As of 3/18/20, we might still require you to have your account form signed. Please email support@cs.jhu.edu for details.
  • Postdocs, visiting faculty, or research scientists, etc.: Please have a CS Faculty Member (or possibly, Laura Graham) sign the form. As of 3/18/20, we might still require you to have your account form signed. Please email support@cs.jhu.edu for details.
  • Students from other depts that are not associated with CS who are requesting a CS account on our system: You must have a CS Faculty member sign the account form. That CS Faculty member is sponsoring your account. If you're an undergrad student, you would have access to our CS Ugrad Network systems. If you're a grad student, you would have access to our CS Grad Network systems. As of 3/18/20, we will attempt to obtain this approval for you, however, you need to indicate somewhere on the form which CS faculty member will sponsor your account. You do not need an authorized signature. We will obtain any approvals for your account. Just make sure you sign the front and back in the appropriate spots for your account. If you choose to gather the authorized faculty signature yourself by sending your filled-out/signed form to the faculty member to sign, then please have that faculty member scan and email the completed form to support@cs.jhu.edu), that will speed up processing.

If you have any issues regarding signatures, please email support@cs.jhu.edu to discuss alternatives.

Submitting The Account Form

  • First, make sure you signed both sides of the form. Also, if you need to, obtain any authorized signatures
NOTE: If you don't have a scanner, you can always use an app like CamScanner on Android and iPhone or Notes app on iPhone. As a last resort, you can take a photo of both sides of the form.

Processing your CS Account Form And Receiving Your CS Account

Please allow at least 2-3 business days for your account to be created, as we have to obtain the authorized approval.

  • After your account is created, you will be contacted via e-mail at one of the e-mail addresses you listed on the form (so, check all of them) by Steve DeBlasio. He will send you instructions for pick-up of the account information, which will now be done remotely.
BE AWARE: If you are expecting e-mail from the CS IT Support team, and if you use Gmail, make sure you check your Gmail Junk folder. Gmail likes to file some e-mails from CS into Gmail Junk folders.
  • For remote account pick-up, as mentioned above, Steve DeBlasio will provide you instructions. He will meet with you over Zoom Please make sure you have Zoom installed on your computer or mobile device. And, you will need to have your J-Card (or other picture ID if you do not have a J-Card) in-hand, as he will need to see it when you meet with Steve via Zoom.

And finally...

If you have any problems filling out the account forms or have not received notice that your account is ready in a reasonable amount of time (at least 2 business days after submitting the form), please email support@cs.jhu.edu.